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Staying Fit While on the Road- It Can Be Easier Than You Think

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For many professionals, business travel is a part of the job. Business travel often means traffic, delays, dining out with clients, long hours, and unfamiliar settings. For the fitness and diet enthusiast, business travel presents additional challenges.

A successful fitness regime or diet plan boils down to developing and maintaining good habits. Business travel can disrupt those habits. Once your fitness routine has been interrupted by travel, it can be difficult to resume. The challenge for the fit business traveler then, is to do his or her best to minimize the disruption that traveling will cause to healthy habits. Beyond jeopardizing a healthy routine, business travel itself can be inherently stressful and a short workout has been proven to relieve stress and increase energy levels even if it isn’t something you normally do.

Before booking your trip, make sure to check to see what facilities are available at you’re the hotels in the area. These days, many hotels provide some kind of access to exercise facilities. Performing some research before booking a hotel is essential in not only getting the best deal possible, but also in finding the right amenities that fit your personality (for me a great fitness studio at a lower cost). On a recent trip to Las Vegas I made sure to do my due diligence and search online for the best hotel for me. To do this I looked at a great reviews site and looked at all of the hotels in Las Vegas. It was very easy to click on a hotel and see the rating, amenities offered, price, and also reviews from trusted sources. This is a great way to find the right hotel for your personality.

If it isn’t possible to book your stay at a hotel offering a gym facility, there are still many options to keep you on track with your routine. You could simply Google search for nearby running trails and pedestrian paths. Many cities and suburban areas have developed well-maintained recreational paths such as “rails-to-trails” paths. Many cities, such as Boston and New York City, boast community bicycle sharing programs. Biking to meetings and lunches can be a great way to save money on cab fare, see the city, and stay active.

Another challenging aspect of business travel is maintaining a balanced diet. Not having access to your kitchen means relying on food prepared in restaurants, which can be notoriously unhealthy. Business meetings can also mean bottles of wine and sugary desserts. You may have no choice in selecting dining establishments, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your meal doesn’t weigh you and your diet plan down. Simple choices such as opting for veggies instead of pasta as a side or asking for sauces and dressings to be brought out separately can helpful. If the rest of your party asks to bring leftovers home, that can be an inexpensive and relatively healthy way to have breakfast or lunch covered the next day. For meals on your own, it may be worthwhile to do some light shopping for non-perishable goods depending on the length of your stay. Tuna and pita bread comes to mind as a hotel-friendly entree.

Traveling for business can certainly be stressful and inconvenient, however there are many things that can be done to ensure that your fitness routine remains intact as you travel and continues after you get home. With some planning beforehand and careful choices during your trip, it’s possible not to lose any progress while away from gym and home.

Five Core Principles For Cranking Up Testosterone Levels

Posted by physicalfitnessworld on

Vince Del Monte – Author, No Nonsense Muscle Building


To ignite your muscle gains through the space you need to learn the principles to skyrocketing your testosterone levels through the roof.  This month we will be returning to one of my favorite anabolic targets: high volume coaching combined with multi-joint training.

Why is testosterone so vital?

Consider it the ultimate male hormone accountable for everything concerning obtaining huge and feeling like a man. Testosterone is the first issue behind muscle growth, fat loss, strength, sex drive, aggressiveness and maintaining a competitive edge.

Unfortunately our bodies are in a constant “death-match” with our testosterone levels and we have a tendency to can begin to fall prey of low testosterone levels in our mid 30s and 40s. If you don’t follow the training rules below and also the nutrition and lifestyle rules, I’ll share later, then you’ll accelerate your rate of losing muscle, hair, memory, sex drive, sex appeal and sex!

The good news is that this “leakage” of T levels as you age will be reversed and maximized naturally – with this months weight coaching guidelines, nutrition and lifestyle ways.

The secret is knowing which rules and lifting designs will best drive testosterone levels higher and fortunately science has the answer. Analysis shows that T levels increase quickly when you carry serious with tons of sets, target multiple bodyparts per workouts, depend upon multiijoint exercises and achieve short rest periods between sets. Consider this month’s Phase your “magical-supplement” that enhances hormone levels while not therapy and drugs.

Principle #1: Heavy Training

Start off by coaching with a load that you can only do around five reps. This weight can be eighty five percent of your one repetition max.  The key is to not go thus heavy that you just get an aneurysm but to keep the bulk of the workout around your 10-rep max.  Research shows that quick and explosive style lifting has very little or no amendment in T levels.

Principle #2: Stick With Multijoint Exercises

This ties into Principle No. one, that demands you to lift serious and keep you in check. Using multijoint movements permits you to hit the bulk of the muscle fibers so you’ll expertise a bigger response in T levels.

Principle #3: Try Up The Small Groups With Big Muscle Groups Every Workout

Studies show that pairing up big muscle groups like squats, benches and rows increase T levels a lot of than doing tricep pressdowns, bicep curls and ab crunches, while your intensity output is the same. One study showed when men did a bicep workout solely, their T levels did not budge. However once they trained legs in the identical workout, their T levels went up 40%.  Small muscle teams ought to continuously be paired with a minimum of one large muscle teams to grant T levels a lift.

Principle #4: Crank Up The Volume

Analytical studies showed that workouts that achieve nearer to a hundred reps per workout have a nice influence on T levels instead of workouts that only achieve 30-50 reps per workouts.  The key’s that the working load is around seventy-five percent of 1RM.

Principle #5: Rest Less

When you start extending your rest periods into “happy hour” along with your buddies and getting the number of the cute front desk woman, your T levels may suffer along along with your muscle gains. Research studies show that after your rest periods extend beyond 60-seconds, T levels began to sink.  This month you’ll keep your rest periods at sixty-seconds max, which can provide plenty of time to recover, still lift serious and use multijoint movements while not dampering your T levels.

For more muscle-building tips, check out my No Nonsense Muscle Building.

The Sun And Testosterone!

This tip comes from the previous-faculty bodybuilders from the sixty’s and 70’s. Check it out:

The sun’s ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of luetenizing hormone, which in flip stimulates the assembly of testosterone.  This isn’t new news, but. It’s more like forgotten news in the bodybuilding world. You can find studies from the 30s and 40s that demonstrate that moderate ultraviolet radiation can have a very positive impact on testosterone production and physical conditioning. And it wasn’t even news then, ancient athletic training regimens (Roman gladiators, Greek Olympians) typically included sunbathing with the idea that the sun fed the muscles. Turns out that they were onto something.  Ever see Pumping Iron with Arnold?  He rested within the sun between workouts!

So why do not you hear of it? Two reasons: One, there is no profit in it. And two, the reason that you’re undoubtedly thinking of, the sun has been villanized by the medical community. We’ve been told to avoid it in the least prices, wear protective clothing or at least slop on excessive sun protection lotion.

All of this to shield ourselves against skin cancer. Skin cancer, however, has continued to increase right along with the sales of sunscreens. Greater instances have been noted in urban areas where people spend a lot of time indoors than in rural areas where folks are outside much a lot of often.

And recent studies have shown that moderate sun exposure will actually decrease your risk of developing several cancers. Vitamin D, a vitamin our bodies produce through sun exposure, and its role in maintaining health has become a terribly hot issue. Several researchers and doctors are now suggesting that some sun exposure and its several noted advantages far outweigh risk factors.

No one is suggesting you get excessive sun. You do not wish to burn. But coming out of your cave for a bit each day may simply prove a positive for your general health and offer a testosterone boost for your muscle building goals. In terms of testosterone, getting some sun on your back has been shown to possess the greatest effect.  Shoot for at least twenty-minutes of outdoor activity every day.

For more muscle-building tips, check out my No Nonsense Muscle Building.

What is a Himalayan Salt Inhaler?

Posted by physicalfitnessworld on

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is made from high quality ceramic and is filled with pure Himalayan pink salt that’s laden with minerals, to penetrate and cleanse irritated sinuses, nasal cavities, throat and lungs. This therapeutic salt bath was even featured on the Dr. OZ show as providing effective symptom relief from allergies, hay fever, cold, flu bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses.

If you’d like to find out more, or would like to purchase a Himalayan Salt Inhaler, it is on sale for 15% OFF until June 6th at Health and Med.  Click here to find out more…  Get 15% Off on Refillable Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler® + Flugon by using Coupon Code: 05CJSSCIFLU12.

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